Stuff Yur Box!

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping brings some sanity to the world of “ Product Shipping”…  Shipping Rates is a maniacal subject…

That’s why we want to talk about Flat Rate Shipping. Total weight, total dimensions, and total delivery distance are 3 factors hard to predict when you take into consideration all the potential combinations of product sizes and weights that can be ordered on imtbgear. So we came up with Stuff Yur Box.

Stuff Yur Box is simply this. We carry 3 Flat Rate Box sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. The imtbgear software is designed to put as many product in the smallest box it will fit in. Once it don’t fit? It goes to the next size box until one of two things happens price wise.

1) When you reach a purchase amount of $50 bucks and you are a California resident, then your shipping is free!
2) When residents outside of California reach a purchase amount of $100 bucks, then YOUR shipping is free!

Mountain Bike parts aren’t cheap so that won’t take long! We also provide shipping through UPS. Sometimes their shipping rate is better than USPS Flat Rate. So pay attention as you add to your Cart. Naturally our goal is to provide the cheapest way possible to get you the products that imtbgear carries. So have patience as we continue to beat on shipping companies to get your the best shipping rates possible!


Box Size Options:

Flat Rate Shipping

So if your Order is going to be less than $50 dollars as a resident of California or less than $100 as a resident outside of California, then stuff all the products you can into the size box you are willing to pay shipping for. Watch your shopping cart shipping rates closely. Often times with small items the shipping cost won’t even change as you add product because you are stuffing yur box!