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Mountain Bike Cycling Essentials

imtbgear is your online Mountain Bike Cycling Essentials Store. All the things you need, and none of the stuff you don’t. Fast reliable personal customer service even to the point of *trailhead product deliveries. Currently under construction and now developing wholesale distributor relationships to carry mountain bike cycling essential like Tires, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Chains, Chain Lube, Inner Tubes, Tire Sealant, Tailwind Nutrition, and even some imtbtrails apparel such as jerseys, t shirts, socks, and hats!

imtbgear is opening the store as an authorized dealer for Tailwind Nutrition! All you need. All day. Really.

If you are a fan of Tailwind Nutrition, we now have it available to you HERE.

imtbgear will often write product reviews HERE. Honest unswayed opinions of the products we use. Real reviews by our team. imtbgear is related to imtbtrails, a premier Southern California Mountain Bike Forum. Often we will link the products we carry here to the reviews posted by imtbtrails members so as to provide real mountain biker insight. No commercial conglomerates trying to sell you their products, but real world opinions by respected mountain bikers from Southern California to around the globe! Join imtbtrails for potentially even better deals here as we slip in Killer Deals Coupons from time to time over at the forum.

As we contract with new manufacturers and develop distributorships, we will add those products available here, for you! Sign up as a member and we can include you on our update mailer.

FREE SHIPPING for California Resident on orders of $50 dollars and more, FREE SHIPPING for residents outside of California on orders of $100 or more!

*We also have our exclusive Southern California Trailhead Delivery Option for those riding the same trail we ride that day. Just click the “Trailhead Delivery” option on the shopping cart and watch for trailhead invites over on the imtbtrails Forum. Ride the trail we ride that day and get your purchased products “hand delivered” with no shipping cost!

Manufacturers. Submit your product for retail consideration: Here